The Growing Years Early Education Curriculum

We structure our early childhood education curriculum around four key elements of development to ensure the growth of the whole child. They are:

Language and Creative Arts

The children follow a daily schedule that includes circle time, small group activities, projects related to a monthly theme including three letters, one shape, one number, and one color. Children are offered time to be creative and use their imaginations through the day. Dramatic play, music, reading and social play incorporate letter recognition, letter sounds and pre-writing skills to enhance learning.

Social Cooperation

Cooperation is key to building friendships. The children explore their classroom amongst their peers and interact with their teachers throughout the day. Manners and grace before meals are encouraged in our classrooms.

Physical Skills

Each child will exercise fine and gross motor skills throughout the day. Climbing outside on our large playground structure is a sure way to help the children use up some of the energy they have built up inside.

Nutrition and Exercise

Our children are motivated to stay active and get plenty of physical exercise while playing with eachother in our safe playground. Morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, milk, and juice are all included in the program and prepared by our in-house chef.